2020 Year End Reading Time

3 books + 1 ebook recommendation for you

Yes, 2020 is gonna ending in less than a month, time flies & your truly believes that most of you will be clearing your annual leaves soon

You may or may not travelling due to the concern of the globe health pandemic, so why not stay home & read some books?

Your truly is a book lover, so gonna sharing with you here 4 ebook/ books that she is gonna spending her year end to read them all while she is clearing leaves & stay home to rest & recharging

Do check out her Tiktok clip captured below,

Ebook ~ 50 short stories on unf*ucking your…


This ebook was written by a friend of your truly, Mr Tim McMahon to share 50 short stories personally from his life when he was turning 50 during COVID19 lockdown

Each story with an affirmation

Your truly enjoyed her read & gain some life reminders from it

A good ebook for re-read again for life inspiration & motivation, yes, she is gonna read this again

Website: https://www.corporate-hippy.com/

Ebook purchase: https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00PEL19LY (New release soon, you may check out other books from this author too)

Children Books

Yes, your truly has started to guide her little niece to read books, do check out also via https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/category/book-review/

(i) English Rhymes & Lullabies For All Kids of All Ages

Your truly highly recommend this book with a detachable sound pad for your young kids to enjoy hearing 12 English nursery rhymes (Day time singing fun), 12 lullabies (Afternoon nap/ bedtime calm) & 12 trivias relating to the songs while on the go

~ A child who sing is a happy child ~

Hmm…All of us actually own a favourite lullaby from childhood, which is your favourite? Let’s share more in the comment section below

10% off with code “ERL_SIENNY” for this English Rhymes & Lullabies Sound Pad book

Website: https://www.bababaa.com/

Book purchase: https://www.bababaa.com/products/english-rhymes-lullabies-for-all-kids-of-all-ages

(ii) Bawang Putih Bawang Merah Sound Book

This soundbook 🎶🎵📓 is beautifully illustrated ✍🏻🖌🎨 by award winning illustrator Sarkodit for her little niece to enjoy reading this traditional folklore story

Stories reading 📖 are important for the kids

More of your truly’s little niece story telling bonding moments being captured via TikTok clip

Website: https://www.bababaa.com/

Book purchase: https://www.bababaa.com/products/bawang-putih-bawang-merah-sound-book

Book ~ Right From The Mind (Priming Your Child’s Mind Today for Tomorrow’s World)

It’s a book which highly recommended & critically reviewed by parents, CEOs & parenting experts for the parents & guardians

This book provides a research-backed manual to raise a child who:

• Builds a close & trusting bond with parents & people around him or her

• Thrives in any schooling system or life circumstances

• Has higher intelligence & learning ability

• Is open and stable emotionally & socially

• Is tapped into his or her inner potential & possesses the skill to thrive in the future

This book also available @ MPH online bookstore

Website: https://www.daisyng.com/right-from-the-start

Book purchase: https://www.trinitykidsmalaysia.com/product-page/right-from-the-mind

Passionate in art & lifestyle content creation, more details via https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/digital-content-links/