8 TikTok creators keeping East Malaysian traditions alive

Always looking to add to your viewing pleasure, TikTok has featured some follow-worthy East Malaysian users with amazing content

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos has featured 8 TikTok content creators from East Malaysia that not only take pride in their culture, but keep their traditions digitally alive & relevant to their audiences

As we celebrate Hari Gawai & Pesta Kaamatan in the 2021 climate, let’s take a look at some East Malaysian TikTok creators who create binge-worthy content!

  1. Joshua Lennet

As someone who loves tourism & travel, Sarawak-born Joshua enjoys posting & sharing videos about Borne

2. Abby Suehaiveey

This proud Sabahan kick-started the #KaamatanChallenge2021 hashtag on TikTok, where it currently has 147.8k views. Abby’s love for her culture shines through her videos, as she puts Sabah on the global map

3. Ocelynevia

Besides having an incredibly unique name, Ocelynevia is a Sabahan & professional seamstress for her brand, oj.collectioons. Did we also mention that she’s a model in her free time?

4. Ervi Jeysinta Entawin

Better known as Sumandak Mengajar from North Borneo, Ervi is a #TikTokGuru who shares everything Borneo related to her followers — from must-visit places to even teaching the Sabahan language!

5. Sheron Tan

This Sabahan content creator is guaranteed to make your day with her videos. Sheron has a variety of content not only showcasing her comedy chops, but also schools us on Sabahan culture!

6. Leong Jeen Hern (DBStory)

Hailing from Miri, Leong Jeen Hern — famously known as DBstory is a content creator focusing on showing off the uniqueness of Sarawakian food, people & culture through comedy. Aiming to tickle their way to a global platform, DBstory is one to watch!

7. Andrea

Also known as @glorieous on TikTok, Andrea does a lot of POVs & comedy skits around Sabahan language!

8. Melisa Lik

Dance lover Melisa originates from Sarawak & she loves keeping to her roots by showing off her dance skills

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