AkzoNobel Embarks on a Mission to Secure Your Home, Inside Out

With health & safety being a top priority for citizens across the globe today, AkzoNobel has taken on the task to secure your home, inside & out, by introducing 3 enhanced products under Dulux, its leading decorative paint brand. These products are the upgraded Dulux EasyCleanTM , Dulux EasyCleanTM Plus & Dulux Weathershield® which are introduced as part of a campaign called ‘Secure Home, Inside Out’

The campaign aims to showcase the importance of a home as a safe haven & how homeowners can protect it from the inside via the use of Dulux EasyCleanTM range & its anti-bacterial & anti-viral properties. Additionally, the exterior of a home should not be neglected — it can be secured against the elements thanks to Dulux Weathershield® & its ability to combat damage caused by the weather. As part of the campaign, 3 homes for underprivileged children under Persatuan Rumah KIDS will be secured with these products. This initiative, under the AkzoNobel Cares banner, aims to help communities & improve people’s lives with our products & expertise

These products were introduced in AkzoNobel’s 1st virtual launch in Malaysia, where Oscar Wezenbeek, Managing Director of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, South East & South Asia said: “As a responsible corporate citizen, we are committed to giving back to the community. To this effect, we have run many initiatives under the AkzoNobel Cares banner, where we strive to transform communities & have a positive impact on society. The Secure Home, Inside Out campaign fits perfectly under this banner because every community begins at a household level.”

David Teng, Commercial Director of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints Southeast Asia Pacific, said: “We have a passion for paint here at AkzoNobel & because of this, we are continuously enhancing our offerings. Both the Dulux EasyCleanTM range & Dulux Weathershield® products have been in the market for many years now, but we are constantly updating our formula & this has brought us to the launch of these products here today

“The new Dulux EasyCleanTM formula, besides providing protection against common household stains, now aids to inhibit the growth of bacteria. EasyCleanTM Plus even adds protection against viruses. The new Dulux Weathershield®, on the other hand, offers two times the amount of protection against algae & fungus, colour fading, alkali, dirt & dust, when compared to a regular exterior paint. Together, they provide excellent protection on the inside & outside of your home.”

A safer & cleaner interior

When applied correctly, Dulux EasyCleanTM paint creates a protective layer that effectively resists & repels most liquid stains, such as sodas, fruit juices, dark soy sauce, chilli & ketchup, as well as stains created by chalk, dust & mud. Additionally, the protective layer prevents the growth of bacteria as well, turning any interior into a safe environment for the whole family

The Dulux EasyCleanTM range comes with ColourguardTM Technology, which helps walls to remain vibrant for longer. There are more than 2K colour options to choose from. This range of paint will be joined by another selection known as Dulux EasyCleanTM Plus, which offers anti-viral properties as well. It is equipped with KidProof+ Technology, which offers a higher level of protection against tough stains & also inhibits the growth of bacteria. More importantly, it comes with Silver Ion Technology, which protects against certain virus

A paint to weather the elements

To help homeowners secure the exterior of their homes, there’s Dulux Weathershield®. Its secret comes in the form of DualshieldTM Technology, which is a combination of four unique features that help combat common damage that plague exterior walls

The 1st is Smart ReleaseTM Technology, which offers 2x longer protection against algae & fungus by continuously releasing micro-particles onto the paint surface to prevent the growth of algae & fungus. T With an added layer of protection by Damp ResistTM Technology, which is a unique formulation of tough polymers to help resist alkali attacks easily — alkali attacks are often caused by moisture & alkali salt being trapped in the layers of the wall itself. When these make it to the surface, damage can be done to the paint, often causing white patches & an uneven paint surface

The other 2 features are Stay CleanTM Technology, which is a protective layer that does not allow dirt & dust to accumulate on the surface of the wall; & ColourLockTM Technology, which helps to combat colour fading thanks to a strong bond between the paint molecules

Both Dulux EasyCleanTM & Dulux Weathershield® are now available for purchase at selected authorised Dulux retail outlets. These products will be joined by the new Dulux EasyCleanTM Plus later in 2021

Visit www.dulux.com.my for more product information & colour inspiration

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