Appreciating the Ways Smartphones Have Kept Us Sane During the Pandemic

Top features of the perfect smartphone that we are grateful for throughout the pandemic

Have you ever heard of the mental checklist — phone, wallet, keys — used commonly as a quick run through of the essential items you need on hand before leaving home or to another location? Phones have become so integral in our lives that it usually comes 1st as we do our mental checklist. And following the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic, many of us would have likely turned to digital platforms for the set up of remote working infrastructure as well as for services such as food & grocery delivery

After many months of adapting to the new normal, it can be said that the way we operate daily & the way we socialise has changed since the Movement Control Order (MCO) was 1st implemented in March 2020

During the transition through different phases of the Conditional Movement Control Orders (CMCO), smartphones have been a huge help in adjusting to the new normal. And with an increase of smartphone activity & usage, it is only natural for consumers to upgrade their phones to keep up with the heavy operation that comes in hand with the expanding virtual space

With the rise in consumers looking for better performing devices to adapt to new challenges, smartphone maker vivo Malaysia noted a spike in the number of smartphones sold during the CMCO period & prepared the release of the vivo V20 series in Sept 2020. As the CMCO order was extended throughout the year, vivo recorded an increase of 11% in annual growth for local mobile phone shipments in Q3 20201

As many of us turn to our smartphones as the main device to complete everyday tasks, connect with loved ones & to keep us entertained, it surely takes a powerful smartphone to satisfy this increased need. And with the features that comes with the vivo V20 & V20 Pro, these impressive devices are standouts in helping users through the pandemic

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Connecting loved ones with high quality photo & video resolution

Amidst the pandemic, many were left heartbroken as restrictions kept loved ones apart. Naturally, we turned to our smartphones to connect us virtually in place of face-to-face quality time. And with the 4K Selfie Video featured in the V20 series, those separated by the pandemic were able to have crystal clear face time instead of blurry videos & static audio

The V20 features a 44MP Eye Autofocus front camera while the V20 Pro is equipped with the Eye Autofocus Dual Front Camera which includes a 44MP Super Definition Main Camera. The lens of the Eye Autofocus uses advanced algorithms to track & focus on moving selfie subjects & can enrich the photo or video quality. Staying connected & seeing loved ones have been vital in keeping us grounded throughout the sudden change & scheduling video calls is a great way to check in with loved ones while helping you recharge & refreshed while staying home for long periods of time

Flawlessly smooth operation, even with increased usage

As we stay at home to stop the spread of COVID-19, our screen time & smartphone usage has unsurprisingly extended over many hours. To keep up with the increased usage & heavy app operation, the vivo “Be The Focus” V20 series was launched during the CMCO period to ease the daily lives of consumers in the new normal. The smartphone series comes equipped with vivo’s original Funtouch OS 11 for smooth user interaction & 33W FlashCharge to charge your battery to 65% in just half an hour

In the day and age of multitasking, the Funtouch OS 11 operating system allows users to see, respond to & control conversations across multiple messaging apps in 1 place, which is a must for fast moving smartphone users. Also, in line with improving the daily lives of consumers, the 2020 V20 & V20 Pro was built with the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 720G processor & 765G processor respectively to deliver smooth performance for applications & games over an extended period of usage. Smartphones have not only helped us stay connected, it has also helped us adapt to the new environment by enabling easy remote operation for classes & businesses

Powerhouse gaming display with a slim build for ultimate comfort

Many smartphone users have resorted to gaming & watching videos to pass the time during the pandemic. The lightweight and sleek design of the V20 series helps users to hold phones for a longer period of time & uses AG Matte Glass to add a subtle, yet luxurious aesthetic. The V20 weighs 171g & measures 7.38mm thin, while the V20 Pro weighs 170g & measures 7.399mm thin, giving users a comfortable touch, even after long hours of usage

The V20 & V20 Pro both offer 6.44-inch AMOLED display to bring vibrant & authentic colours to life — great for gaming as well as watching videos in high resolution. And paired with vivo’s Funtouch OS & Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, the V20 series offers users seamless gaming operation in high definition. The design provides an unforgettable lightweight hold as users game, scroll social media & watch videos

As remote working & learning spaces were navigated, smartphones have played an instrumental part in connecting us while staying safely apart. Naturally, he way we use our smartphone has changed to fill in the void of physical social interaction, and in doing so, helped us create a sense of normalcy and security when we needed it most. With the gift of technology and vivo’s consumer centric vision, smartphones have supported us throughout the transition and acted as a bridge between users, keeping us close while keeping a safe distance

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