Building Connections on TikTok

TikTok, connecting people & sharing interesting ideas for virtual hang-outs

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, brings to you a couple of challenges that you can do virtually & shows how you can draw inspiration for fun friendship challenges from various TikTok creators. You don’t need to wait for Friendship Day to show your appreciation for your friends!

1. Dance with Them

Dance battle with your friends on TikTok! How? By using the DUET function of course! You can feel as if you’re dancing side-by-side with them using this TikTok feature.

If you want to take it up a notch & try iconic TikTok dance-related content, you need to follow best friendsAlex & Jam who are from the same dance group. They’ve entered multiple international competitions prior to their TikTok debut & have captured their followers with their charms & sleek moves

2. Glow Up Challenge

You don’t have to wait for post-MCO to do this! Compare your friends’ younger days photos with their current looks & show off their charms through this trend. Friends that battle bad fashion trends together, stay together!

3. Fashion Photo Challenge

Love fashion? Then you & your friends simply can’t miss the chance to show off your styles through these fashionrelated TikTok trends!

These group of friends — Jovynn, Yuki, Alvy, Yiqin & Lawcombe — ought not to be missed & we’re pretty sure you’ve seen at least one of them on your For You Page. Follow them to find out the latest trends & fun TikTok challenges or catch up on several of their videos that have hit over a million views!

4. Course Meal Selection

As Malaysians, we all love food. What better way is there to bond & catch up with your friends than to document your cafe-hunting journey? Try out this cool way to mix & match your food hunt with your friends once we’re able to dine-in again!

5. What’s Your Type? It’s TRICKY!

They say opposites attract, but some friendships are forged through shared interests too. Gather up some friends (after the MCO is over, or do it via a TikTok Duet!) & find out if you’re two peas in a pod or if you dance to a different tune through this fun TikTok challenge


We know we mentioned dance already but these 3 simply can’t be missed! Ikhmal, Amirah, Ariena are medical students from UiTM who keep themselves active on their happy feet by dancing & informative by offering tips & advice on pursuing a degree in the medicine field. It’s time to have fun & be inspired with your closest friends, together on TikTok.

Keep your For You Page (FYP) filled with content that shows diverse friendship ideas & share your favourite moments with #FriendsForever on TikTok! Just head to your TikTok app & start creating.

Download or open the TikTok app now to discover many more ideas & make plans on what you would want to do with your friends when the situation gets better!

TikTok is available for free on iOS & Android via the Apple Store, Google Play Store & Huawei AppGallery

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