DelyvaNow ~ A One-Stop Shipping Solution for Businesses of All Sizes

The convenieces of using DelyvaNow for your business

Hey all, have you all heard about DelyvaNow?

Your truly would like to share more about the convenieces of DelyvaNow here & this sharing would be very much benefitted especially for those of you who are owning businesses

What is Delyva Now?

DelyvaNow is an online platform that helps businesses of all sizes to maximize its efficiency of each business order fulfillment process, reduce shipping related costs & then enable the businesses to create a meaningful post-purchase experiences for each customers

Note: DelyvaNow is previously called as MatDespatch. Currently, MatDespatch is a service under the DelyvaNow

How DelyvaNow helps businesses grow

DelyvaNow services provide a wide encompassing delivery services, be it for both domestic destinations & international

List of delivery options available with DelyvaNow

What your truly is impressed with DelyvaNow is no more hassles of going to different places for different types & options of delivery

Convenience of delivery tracking status update with DelyvaNow

Tracking status updates to you as business owner & your customers via email or SMS

Next day delivery is available with DelyvaNow from RM5.90

Guess what??

Fees of using DelyvaNow

Sign up & open a DelyvaNow account for free. Then, only pay for the postage of each shipment & optional add ons ie. SMS notifications or additional insurance which all will be deducted from your DelyvaNow credits

Curious about how DelyvaNow Works?

Your truly would like to sharing this video clip captured to demonstrate the step by step of how each of its customer to use DelyvaNow for shipping out orders without having to go to post office or courier outlets

Don’t you all agree that’s really convenient? Bravo to DelyvaNow

So, why not start to use DelyvaNow for your business?

DelyvaNow with service for direct delivery of goods to your door step either office/ home, saving time, lower cost & you can also compare the prices for every courier you wish to choose for

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