Domino’s Introduces ‘Potong-Q’

A safe & hassle free Take-Away Service

Greater efforts are being implemented as Malaysians go through the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) & the fight against COVID-19. Once again, Domino’s Pizza demonstrates its commitment & promise of “It’s All About You” by prioritizing the safety of its customers & employees by introducing an enhanced & safer measure for customers in line with social distancing & zero contact measures between customers in-store & employees on duty

Launched for greater convenience, Domino’s recommends customers to Potong-Q! With the new feature, Potong-Q enables a more efficient ordering & take-away process as it shortens the waiting time & collection of pizzas for customers who prefer to opt for take-away from the stores

As an added safety measure to Domino’s “Zero Contact” delivery, Potong-Q encourages customers to place their orders online in advance & visit the nearest store to collect their order. As such, the Potong-Q option is 100% cashless as when customers place their orders online via our app or website, all payments must be made beforehand via cashless options e.g. credit card, Grab Pay & online banking, which in turn reduces the risk of germ transfer through cash handling. All Domino’s pizzas are baked to order in an oven at 235-degree Celsius. These are then carefully taken out from the oven using sanitized tools to place the pizza into the box. Once ready, the pizzas & products are placed at a designated pick up counter labelled ‘Potong-Q’ in the store for customers to collect their order

Moreover, in line with its strict hygiene and safety standards, Domino’s assures customers of its strict precautionary measures in all its operations. At the start of every shift, all of its staff have their temperature checked & rigid social distancing measures are practised in store. Additionally, pizza makers wash their hands every 30 mins & the entire store & equipment gets sanitized every hour

Chief Executive Officer of Domino’s Malaysia, Shamsul Amree said, “At Domino’s, high hygiene standards and food handling procedures is vigorously practiced for the safety of our employees and customers, especially during this critical time. Our operations have evolved to provide greater assurance and convenience to our customers. In line with adapting to the ‘new normal’, the introduction of Potong-Q maximizes safety measures, convenience & peace of mind for our customers. With this alternative, customers who prefer to take-away their meals will spend minimal waiting time in the store. The introduction of Potong-Q is a demonstration of Domino’s continued efforts in enhancing the services offered to customers even during a challenging period as we uphold the promise of It’s All About You.”

Launched nationwide, customers can now enjoy the Potong-Q feature at all Domino’s Pizza outlets across Malaysia. Customers who opt to Potong-Q may place their order & payment on or via the Domino’s Pizza mobile application to enjoy the latest Potong-Q promotion

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