Ecovitta Reveals Secret to Sanitising & Cleaning Without Chemicals

Revolutionary Ecovitta EC01S Steam Cleaner Creates Healthier, Cleaner & Safer Homes

The Ecovitta EC01S’s revolutionary technology simplifies the 3-step routine of sanitising, cleaning, & refreshing in one compact, multifunctional machine. Harnessing the power of ultra-dry steam, the EC01S is able to kill up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, & viruses- including e-coli, dust mites, & bedbugs[1]. Better yet, the EC01S uses only water, allowing you to experience the benefits of your typical cleaning agents without the unpleasant smells, stickiness, & other harmful side effects that come with. Use it to sanitise deliveries, disinfect personal belongings, & clean every corner of your home. The EC01S is the perfect solution for the COVID-19 p&emic & beyond

Ecovitta reveals revolutionary EC01S steam cleaner- the secret to sanitising, cleaning, & refreshing more efficiently without the use of harmful chemicals. Ideal for those who are sensitive or allergic to chemical cleaners; have sinus infections or asthma; or for families with babies, children, & pets. The EC01S’s ultra-dry, high-temperature steam kills up to 99.9% of viruses & bacteria, making it a must-have appliance during the COVID-19 p&emic & beyond

During the COVID-19 p&emic, sanitising objects that are brought into your home can make all the difference. However, this can be a hassle, messy, & time-consuming to do.

Enter the Ecovitta EC01S. Simply fill with water for powerful, ultra-dry steam in under 30 seconds. At a temperature well-above the requirement to kill 99.9% of germs, Ecovitta is ideal for disinfecting quickly & effectively. Keep your Ecovitta ready & next to your entrance for fast & effective sanitisation of deliveries, personal belongings, & even clothing[2]- for your peace-of-mind & your family’s health & safety

The EC01S works impressively for various surface types including carpet, sealed hardwood, marble, tiles, sofas, beds, glass, & more. This makes it ideal for cleaning virtually any part of your home such as your kitchen, stovetops, sinks, bathrooms, mattresses, & even toys. Experience clean like never before, the EC01S will leave your home feeling naturally refreshed, clean of dirt & grime, & disinfected of germs

Dedicated to improving the lives of others, Ecovitta aims to create products that are healthier for customers, their loved ones, & the planet. Using only water, the EC01S does away with chemical cleaners, sprays, powders, & more. This reduces the health effects of breathing in these chemicals, lessens the damage done to the environment from chemical runoff, & saves you from spending money on cleaning agents that just get washed down the drain

Stronger than ever, the EC01S’s instant-steam generator technology produces ultra-dry steam in under 30 seconds. Combined with its large, 800ml water tank, the steam cleaner is able to produce up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted, powerful steam[3]. Simply top-up with water & it’s ready to go again

Designed & developed in the United Kingdom & sold in 22 countries, Ecovitta aims to change the way we care for our home & the environment. Since the 1980s, Ecovitta has produced & sold more than one million steam cleaners globally

“For decades, Ecovitta has been continuously innovating steam technology. This has made us a trusted name in the industry as a br& & as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for world-renowned br&s such as Hoover, Oreck, Morphy Richards, Bork, & many others. We are very proud to announce the launch of Ecovitta in Malaysia. Our EC01S is designed to sanitise, clean, & refresh all in one go. Swap out the attachment & it seamlessly replaces a variety of cleaning tools & products. It is an all-in-one machine designed to make cleaning easier & healthier- an essential for every home & family as we fight the COVID-19 p&emic together,” explains En Hashim Muhammad, Chief Executive Officer of Ecovitta Sdn Bhd

“With air pollution & environmental toxins on the rise, the need to go green is becoming increasingly important. Toxins found in cleaning products are known to trigger allergies, cause sensitivity, & weaken our body’s immune system. This is why our products are powered by only water, in the form of steam, to effectively clean without any chemicals. This ultra-dry, high-temperature steam enables Ecovitta’s products to significantly kill up to 99.9% germs, bacteria, & viruses without the negative side effects of harmful chemicals[4],” adds En Hashim

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[1] Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results may vary based on surface cleaned.

[2] Do not steam directly on to skin, plants or pets. Remove clothing before steaming them

[3] Based on optimised test settings in lab

[4] Results based on lab testing under controlled conditions. Results may vary based on surface cleaned.

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