Are you using Gmail?

Do you know that Gmail can be just more than a personal email account for an individual? Yes, G Suite has a Gmail business version in it. Not only that, it is also included other productivity applications e.g. Google Calendar, Google Drive & Hangouts Meet, which assists companies to build a more efficient cloud-based environment. Here’s a quick tips about G Suite editions

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G Suite (Gmail for business)

In fact, a lot of people only know about Gmail for business. Hence, I am going to share how G Suite is different from personal Gmail

1. Log in detail

Personal Gmail account:

G Suite Gmail business account:

With using a custom domain name (, not only helps to standardize everyone email addresses but most importantly it look professional! Email is one of a great tool to brand your company & yourself

2. It is centrally managed

Personal Gmail account is managed by the owner of the account. Owner can customize email account as wish without interfere with other users

As G Suite is for business purpose, someone in your company shall take the responsibility to become an administrator to manage all users in the company. G Suite Admin can customize company internal settings e.g. User profiles, Group settings, Calendar, Reporting, Organization setting & others. The admin will have access into G Suite Admin Console centrally manage all users for your company

Below are the tables about the differences between Personal Gmail & G Suite

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3. Sharing files permission

Personal Gmail account is for individual user whereas G Suite is designed for team collaboration

If you want to share a file for your friend / colleague. With personal Gmail account, you will enter every single addresses one by one. For example, you wish to share a file to 4 members, you will need to those 4 members have to be entered 4 times

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Similarly, if you want to share a file to 4 team members, in the setting screen of the G Suite shared folders, you will be able to see all the team members in the same domain with standard permission to view

You can specify the scope of permissions i.e. to edit/comment to specific colleagues through the drop-down menu

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This particularly setting with G Suite actually save time & effort, as well as eliminate unnecessary hassles. In return, increase your team productivity on work

Where can I buy G Suite?

My friend shared with me about how greatly improve their workflow after implementing G Suite & his company purchases G Suite from a local Premier Partner in Malaysia. The partner is also a G Suite Premier Partner in Singapore. The Premier Partner is called TS Cloud Sdn Bhd, which focuses on selling G Suite. They are providing a wide variety of professional services & full cycle implementation service in relation to G Suite, from system migration, G Suite configuration, post-migration support & training.

A small saving tip to share with you all, the price in Singapore & Malaysia is different. This is due to Google charge different pricing tiers for different countries & regions

Check out the price comparison table below: (Monthly price in USD($))

If your company is running in Singapore but most of your colleagues are based in Malaysia, you can purchase G Suite account in Malaysia! It is about 10% cheaper than you purchase in Singapore. Amazing, isn’t it? This is because Google will charge the users based on the majority account activation state & this can be done by this partner because they have companies in both countries. My friend is satisfied with the service & the reseller do provide incomparable customer service & technical service

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