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Hey all, what are the skills you all have built or enhance for yourself since the pandemic, stay home & work from home due to lockdown?

Your truly would like to share about her recent awesome online learning experience of attended the From Rat Race To F.I.R.E. with

Yes, she has completed the whole online course & received her digital certificate. Yeah!! :D

So, why your truly has opted to attend for From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.?

To be honest, your truly 1st signed up because of the unique course name. Lol…

Also your truly always wonder “Is early retirement possible for everyone?”

Sure many of you asking this similar question & the answer from is “YES”. This F.I.R.E. Strategy is 1 of the most straightforward steps to achieving Financial Independence & will lead all towards early retirement goals

Ohh ya…She has learnt that F.I.R.E. = Financial Independence Retiring Early :D

With below an hour or couple of hours (Subjects to each individual learners’ speed), all will learn from this online course how to save, invest & earn more money, stop living paycheck to paycheck & make real progress toward the future you wish for & to proceed next

In this online course, all participants will learn how to apply simple steps to start your right journey to manage all your finances. Then, to learn how to set attainable financial goals & then leading you to attain financial freedom. Once you have kick started the journey & with proper disciplines (At least a couple of minutes a day as recommended), you eventually will stay ahead of the game as told by the course coach, Mr FC Hong

So, what are you waiting for?

Do join your truly to jump start the Rat Race today, yes, you got nothing to lose & gain your early retirement goals. So why not??

What’s The Brief Content of From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.?

1. Fundamental knowledge of the F.I.R.E. approach

2. Understanding the fundamentals of personal finance & key financial concepts can influence your lifestyle & road to financial freedom

3. The importance of creating & sticking to a personal budget

4. The significance of setting attainable financial goals that are realistic & achievable

5. Discovering your greatest enemy & best friend will help you on your financial path (you will be surprised)

Who To Attend From Rat Race To F.I.R.E.?

For individuals who want to take control of their money/ personal finance, rather than have it control you. This course is suitable for beginners & anyone willing to learn how to manage their finances using the right tools. It is ideal for those seeking financial independence & those who plan to retire early or retire soon

From her own attendee’s experience, your truly is impressed with the course content, no boring & each topic covered with great information

Why Attend With is a social learning platform designed to assist all in acquiring skills that will be in high demand in the future. Yes, everyone has varied learning abilities, particularly in areas with limited expertise & experience

Your truly has enjoyed her online learning with, a smooth easy process of logging in & started her online course, no hiccups throughout & at her own comfortable pace. She can opt to mark complete once she completed each topic within a lesson on its course content listed. Very structure learning progress set

Do check out her happy online learning with TikTok clip captured,

Unlike other eLearning sites that provide online courses, think that the most effective method to study is to have someone guide you every step of the way & point you in the right direction when you run into some difficulty. As a result, they can accommodate quick learners (online classes) & those who require customized guidance (coaching & mentoring)

Currently, there are 3 courses,

(1) The Art Of Problem Solving

(2) From Rat Race To F.I.R.E (Personal Finance & your truly has completed it & highly recommended it)

(3) Mind Mapping 101

For the online course named From Rat Race To F.I.R.E” that your truly has attended, you may opt to use the subscription of E-Plan System, mentorship program & to attend an advanced version named Finance Master to continue learning greater :D

Ohh ya…They are recruiting too, whether you are 15 years (tech geek) of age or 90 years old (full of living skills), if you have a unique skill that individuals need, do bring together with you who have specific talents & knowledge to share with others searching for these skills with

Collaboration in a win-win-win arrangement is the most refined recipe for success & can’t wait to welcome you on board :D






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