Invigorate Your Weekend with the Enco Music Concert, by OPPO & Shopee!

· Featuring top local artists Khai Bahar, Iman Troye, and Syamel, the Enco Music Concert is set to provide the much-needed entertainment from the comfort of their homes.

· A total of 11 Enco X, Enco Buds & Enco W11 TWS earbuds are slated to be won during the live virtual concert!

In bleak times such as the one we are currently in, an escape or a moment of excitement is precisely what we need to feel human. The unfortunate truth is that most social activities cannot & will not be carried out for the foreseeable future. However, OPPO Malaysia has found a way to organize the next best thing for Malaysians — a free-to-attend live virtual concert!

Happening this Saturday, 26 June 2021 @ 8pm, the Enco Music Concert, a collaborative effort between OPPO & Shopee, will feature top local artists Khai Bahar, Iman Troye, & Syamel, who will sing their hearts out for their best performances yet

But that’s not all, as OPPO has a little bit more to treat viewers with. The p&emic & isolation have left many of us feeling the effects of the lack of human connection, which is why this concert will be an interactive one, open to the floor for Q&As & live chats!

Moreover, OPPO will be giving out a pair of the OPPO Enco X, 5x OPPO Enco Buds units, & 5x OPPO Enco W11 units to 11 lucky attendees of the concert! With a br&-new pair of TWS earbuds, OPPO hopes that the journey through the p&emic would at least be just a little easier. If you miss out on the freebies, rest assured that more awesome discount codes & purchase promotions on the OPPO TWS earbuds will be given away during the concert. The details of these will be revealed later, so stay tuned!

The OPPO Enco Live Virtual Concert can be streamed via OPPO’s official YouTube & FB pages, & via Shopee’s app & official FB page. Stay tuned via OPPO’s FB page for more updates!

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