LifeWear FALL/WINTER 2021
Neighborhood Living

In our new lifestyles, we are embracing a smaller world, more local and familiar. We are seeking more community, a sense of connection. Taking a look at the big picture from this kind of a setting can lead to all sorts of new discoveries.

We find comfort in our neighborhoods. This is where we live, love, stroll. Walkable, tree-lined streets create a sense of leisure, inviting you to explore, browse your favorite shops, say hello to friends, and make new connections. These are places where you can be free to be yourself

At UNIQLO, we believe that thinking about these special places is essential to sustaining a high quality of life.

Sometimes you want to dress up a little and go out to your favorite restaurant. Casual or dressy, what matters most is staying true to yourself. Discovering your style is easy with a beautiful array of accessible, well-made basics to choose from, finding just the ones that complement your personality and way of life

Perhaps you like to spend weekends relaxing in a park with pretty flowers and green fields,
or forest bathing under a canopy of trees at the outskirts of the city. A light, pocketable or UV protection parka, folded and packed into your bag, will be your go-to for adventures in town or country.

What matters most is an appreciation of your environment and the area you call home. UNIQLO LifeWear is thoughtful, practical clothing for everyday life and enjoyable activities, balancing simplicity and comfort with style and utility