Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) Stands In Solidarity With The Government of Malaysia to Support Pemerkasa Initiative

Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) stands in solidarity with the government under the leadership of YAB Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin in managing the impact of Covid-19 disruption. Malaysia’s tourism industry has been negatively affected by Covid-19, so as the rakyat at every walk of life in Malaysia. MTC fully supports the Program Strategik Memperkasa Rakyatdan Ekonomi (PEMERKASA) worth RM20 billion

The all-inclusive package addresses the needs of the rakyat which ensures that nobody is left behind, everybody has food on the table during this difficult time & businesses can thrive through this crisis. The rescue plan, in addition to the many initiatives announced before focuses on the well-being of the citizens, businesses & the country in general. Our government is aggressively functioning in ensuring that we, our families & our businesses survive the disruption

Covid-19 disruption has impacted the tourism industry the way we have never seen before. The negative effects on business owners big & small, travel agents, or industry in general is unprecedented. The cancellations of hotels, flights, or tourism packages are unprecedented. The economic blow to the industry is unprecedented. I have faith that our government is aware of the dying situation of our tourism industry & measures are & will be undertaken seriously to address this situation in an unprecedented manner. I have faith that more efforts will be done by the government to save Malaysia

Even more than before, we have to stand united with the government in addressing this situation to ensure the packages and plans are implemented effectively & efficiently. Even more than before, our support is needed to fight Covid-19. The government is doing its part, and as for us, the time is to “ask not what the country can do for us, but what we can do for our country”

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