Newly launch of UGREEN HiTune True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Earbuds

There is no doubt that this is the era for wireless Bluetooth earphones. And the experience of true wireless has gained popular approval. From being gradually accepted by the market to mass shipments, no matter whether shopping or taking a bus, people wearing TWS earphones are already everywhere, yes, just anywhere & anytime

UGREEN, as a well-known brand in the market, which has launched its own Bluetooth earbuds, UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds. It uses the leading chips of Qualcomm. The main features include master-slave switching, high-definition sound quality, CVC8.0 noise cancellation, Bluetooth 5.0, IPX5 waterproof etc. It also designs with a Type-C charging port. The touch button supports music, calls control & voice assistant

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So, why not opt for the newly launch of UGREEN HiTune TWS Earbuds?

8 key points for your consideration to online purchase the UGREEN TWS Earbuds

1) Bluetooth 5.0

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides more stable transmission speed, less power consumption, longer transmission distance & a larger communication capacity

~ With wider covering range & larger speed-up for low-power devices

~ The max. transfer speed of Bluetooth 5.0 is 24Mbps ie. twice of 4.2LE version

~ The max. operating distance to reaching up to 300m ie. 4 times of 4.2LE version

The standard of Bluetooth 5.0 technology was set in the end of 2016, to date there has been almost 4 years

Most of the Bluetooth earphones that use Bluetooth 5.0 as data transmission have better performance than Bluetooth 4.1 & 4.2 in terms of signal stability, power consumption & sound quality

2) Operation

~ Touch Control

Advantages: Easier to control music & active the voice assistant

Disadvantages: For long-term use will reduce sensitivity & response may be delayed

~ Button Control

Advantages: Preventing from any wrong touching

Disadvantages: Squeeze the ears & make noise when being pressed

3) Sound Insulation and Noise Cancellation

The half-in-ear earphone has less pressure on the ears & are more comfortable to wear, but most of them cannot insulate the noise & sound leakage will occur in many cases. However, the in-ear earphones can cancel the noise to a extent, but it will oppress the ear canal, which is not comfortable for some people to wear

Besides, some latest earphones in the market support the intelligent noise cancellation, which can switch to the noise cancelling mode automatically according to the environment. However, to ensure the safety of the users, it is so necessary that receiving some outer sound

This UGREEN TWS Earbuds provide with CVC 8.0 Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds

4) Portable Charging Case

The portability of the TWS Bluetooth earphones is an important feature. In the market, some Bluetooth earphones have large size in order to equipped with large battery. However, it is not convenient and pretty when putting it in the pocket. So taking into account both battery life and size, which is the ideal TWS Bluetooth earphones

5) Ear-Fin Design

Earphones with ear-fin design can be well fixed in the ears and are difficult to drop.

The stability and comfort of wearing the headset have become a part that many users care about, especially those who usually like sports and do some strenuous activities

6) Seamless Bluetooth pairing

Open the charging case, the pairing interface will pop up on the phone automatically, compatible with phone’s voice assistant, gesture operation and other functions, the interactive experience between the headset and the phone will be more seamless and natural. However, for some headphones, the steps when pairing with the phone for the first time are still relatively cumbersome. If you can open the charging box, the pairing interface will pop up automatically, and the whole process will be very user-friendly.

7) Voice Assistant

The voice assistant can reduce the number of times you take out your phone from your pocket or bag. Many operations can be completed by speaking. The earbuds that supports the voice assistant is smarter.

At present, many brands’ earbuds already have higher-level functions such as real-time voice translation, navigation, encyclopedia questions, voiceprint ID, and so on. In addition to rich functions, when using it, you can also liberate your hands and rely on voice to perform many daily operations.

8. Waterproof

At present, many TWS earphones support waterproof, which can better help the users to deal with sweating & raining

If you want a more powerful waterproof, the waterproof of some headphones can reach up to IPX8. In many special cases, if you like to take a swim, it is best to choose headphones that have IPX8 waterproof

UGREEN TWS earphones provide with IPX5 waterproof level

In conclusion, as a TWS Bluetooth earbuds, comfortable wearing & easy to use are its true core essence. Surely both Android & Apple ios users will enjoy a wonderful audio experiences with this UGREEN HiTune True Wireless Earbuds

Let’s enjoy your personal wonderful concert moment on the go with this UGREEN HiTune True Wireless Earbuds

✅ CD-level quality sound
✅ Advanced Qualcomm chipset
✅ 27 hours playtime
✅ Seamless Bluetooth pairing
✅ IPX5 Waterproof
✅ S/M/L Silicone ear tips

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