October aka Pinktober ~ Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink October is an annual campaign held globally to increase awareness on the most common cancer amongst women

This month, let us all to create awareness & educate people about breast cancer, including early detection, signs & symptoms associated with breast cancer

Early detection is key to identofy the early signs & symptoms to preventing the cancer spreading or become serious

A lot of women might not be aware of checking their breasts monthly. It is good to have early detection & get treatment earlier. 1 out of 20 women in Malaysia develops breast cancer in their lifetime

So, #IHaveChecked , have you?

Let’s join this together to increase the attention of Breast cancer awareness & support women that need help today

Let’s all start with a breast screening promotion to ensure that you’re in the pink of health!

NCSM’s special breast screening wellness promotion is available now till Nov 2020. For more information and to make an appointment, call 03–2698 7351

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