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Let’s wish all mums to have a safe & healthy pregnancy

Project Sidekicks is an #awareness #campaign for a good cause & more parents to have #healthy #pregnancies & #babies

It aims to reduce the risks of #stillbirths for #parents across the region by advocating the importance of good mental health alongside preventive measures that should be taken, eg. sleeping on the left side & counting kicks

In 2018, there were 105K stillbirths in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand & Vietnam. This means that every day, 286 families in these countries received the devastating news that their full-term baby was not alive. However, 1/3 of these losses can be prevented

However, having a healthy pregnancy is not just a mum’s journey, the environment & support network surrounding a mum surely helps in creating a conducive environment for a healthy pregnancy. Anxiety & stress during pregnancy is very common. However, if a new mum feels anxious most of the time & finds it difficult to relax, you may seek help that you need. Trust yourself to be the best judge in determining if your stress levels are normal & don’t be afraid to seek help to ensure a healthy pregnancy

Your truly & her mama are trying our very best to support the new mum in her small family from pregnancy till now taking care & bringing up together the youngest family member. How about you?

Project Sidekicks aims to reduce the stillbirth rate in South East Asia by 10% by creating awareness about the benefits of sleeping on the side in pregnancy, counting baby’s kicks, and having a strong support system for both mums-to-be & parents who have suffered pregnancy loss

Let’s together gather we help the parents & parents-to-be by being supportive, sharing your experiences & then encouraging the calls-to-action to prevent

Do you know that the verified studies have shown that smoking during pregnancy, both passively (Including exposure to 2nd hand smokes) & actively actually increasing the risk of stillbirth, miscarriage, premature birth, low birth weight & other pregnancy complications

STOP smoking for healthy preganancies & growing up of young kids, do read more via

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