Projek57 Supports Disadvantaged Communities During Pandemic by Collaborating with NGOs & Businesses

With many facing challenging times as a result of the pandemic, it is easy to forget that more can be achieved by standing together as one people. Nationally accredited social enterprise Projek57 has been committed to uniting Malaysians in its goal to support underprivileged communities through collaborations with other social enterprises, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) & businesses

Inspired by the vision of the nation’s 1st Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman that our country’s future depends on how well many kinds of people live & work well together, Projek57, since its establishment in 2015 & through its Movement of Hope, has contributed more than RM400K to underprivileged communities.

In light of the pandemic’s impact on lives & livelihoods, Projek57 has extended their efforts to reach underserved communities with basic necessities. Projek57 recently distributed food aid to 200 families in Puncak Alam, Klang & Port Klang.

Projek57 also worked h& in h& with those from the business community such as the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Malaysia, as well as those serving communities on the ground directly such as Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM), Projek Bangsa Malaysia & Kiwanis Malaysia, to assist 400 families affected by Covid-19 with food aid during the various movement restriction phases.

Muhammad Faisal Abdul Aziz, President of ABIM said, “We are deeply heartened to be collaborating with Projek57 in providing assistance to families in need across the Klang Valley. During this trying period for the nation, we believe it is now more important than ever to stick together & help each other no matter what our backgrounds & beliefs are.”

“This pandemic has impacted Malaysians nationwide. As part of the business community, we felt compelled to join h&s with Projek57 & provide all the assistance we can. We hope the contributions will uplift their spirits & ignite a sense of resilience among the impacted families during this challenging time,” added Lim Chu Chuan, President of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation Malaysia.

Projek57 Co-founder Syed Sadiq Albar said, “These are extraordinary times & many communities have been facing tougher challenges than usual. We are grateful that there are many like-minded Malaysians who underst& the value of joining forces to support those who need help.”

“To this end, thanks to our recent partnerships, we have also helped empower women in the B40 group, in addition to other communities. By sourcing items produced locally by these women, we can help provide them with an income, with part of the profits from the sale of their merch&ise going back to them as well.”

In the past year alone, Projek57 has channelled almost RM100K into collaborations with other social enterprises to empower underprivileged communities including Generating Opportunities for Learning Disabled (GOLD), Earth Heir, Cotton & Sago, Women of Will & Batik Boutique. Items sourced from B40 communities include h&-painted artisan batik, cloth face masks, decoupaged tiffin carriers & baked goods

Co-founder, Collin Swee, said, “For Projek57, working in partnership for the greater good has been part of our DNA from Day One & unity is at the core of what we do. With the ongoing p&emic, helping each other remains essential to get people through hardship. In our small way, we are lighting a beacon of hope for affected communities.”

In conjunction with the upcoming National Day & Malaysia Day celebrations, h&-made Projek57 Unity Ribbons are available for the public to purchase & do their part to support the needy. The Unity Ribbons are a symbol of Hope. The ribbons, priced at RM3.00 each, feature the iconic silhouette of Tunku Abdul Rahman’s face. All profits are channelled towards supporting the needs of underprivileged youth

Unity Ribbons can be purchased at, Village Grocer, Ben’s Independent Grocer, BSC Fine Foods & Pasaraya OTK stores, as well as Pos Malaysia’s General Post Outlets nationwide

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