Yeah!! All birds lovers definitely will love this annual race participation ~ Putrajaya Bird Race 2019 & with 300 participations received, bravo!!

An eco tourism initiative & collaboration between Putrajaya Corp & Nature Educational Society (NEST) to promoting Putrajaya as an eco friendly & urban birding destination in Malaysia toward the Visit Malaysia Year 2020

The race is open to all Malaysians & non-Malaysians in Malaysia. Yes, the welfare of the birds must always come 1st. The caged, restrained, injured or dead birds or birds declared by the arbitrators as escapees cannot be counted for this race

During this annual event, plenty of exciting actiivities available thoughtout the 3-day too

Teamwork counts! Yes, a teams of 3 members for each participation. All teams must be officially registered with the organiser by filling & submitting via an online Google form or manual form completion at the time & day specified by organiser

School & Government Agencies category with no fee charge for participation

Open category with participation fee of RM10/pax, very reasonable! Must not miss to experience once this bird race

Limited units of camera for rent to the registered participants for photography competition. Yeah!

Participants who have registered will need to be present on 17 Nov 2019 (Fri) for a short briefing & collection of goodies

For School category, the race will start at 7.45 am on Saturday, November 16, 2019 at Putrajaya Wetland Park, ends @ 12pm, on the same date & venue

For Open & Government Agencies category, the race will start at 11.30 am, 16 Nov 2019 (Sat) & ends at 12pm, 17 Nov 2019 (Sun) at Putrajaya Wetland Park

The winning team will be the 1 that records the highest number of species of birds & if there is a tie, then the arbitrators will look for the highest number of birds recorded. If there is still a tie, the team that returns the timesheet earliest will be taken into account & be the Champion of the race

Names of species must conform with those listed in the Official List, yes, a list of birds spotted in Putrajaya Wetland Park will be provided in the team’s race kit. Points will be deducted if found to be incorrect. Any team that is late in results submission i.e. in the logbook of each team will be rejected by the arbitrators

Late submission i.e.,

For School category ~ after 12pm, 16 Nov 2019 (Sat)

For Open & Government Agencies categories, after 12pm, 17 Nov 2019 (Sun)

All birds must be seen by at least 2 members & identification must be confirmed & agreed upon by all 3 members

Putrajaya Teams may record birds from any parts of the parks designated for this race;

School Category ~ Only at Putrajaya Wetland Park

Open & Government Agencies ~ 1) Putrajaya Wetland Park 2) Botanical Garden Putrajaya 3) Rimba Alam Park

Attracting birds with audio equipment is totally prohibited. Species not listed in the Official List but seen during the race may be included subject to its acceptance by the arbitrators. The arbitrators’ decision is final

Any teams contravening the rules & regulations of the race will be disqualified

Congratulations to all winners from the race, bravo!!



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