Regenerative Travel Summit 20-22 Sept 2021

DAY ONE: Whole Systems Thinking Key Takeaways

Though diverse in their backgrounds, missions and brand ethos’ one consistent theme held strong amongst all speakers throughout the day:

Key Quotes From Our Speakers Across Day One:

Session 1: Tourism’s Role in Regenerating Nature

Session 2: Travel and Social Movements

Travel can expand our worldview, ignite change, and transform in powerful ways. Three innovators showcased how they are using travel to build community, elevate critical perspectives, and redistribute power

Session 3: Integrating Regeneration and Hospitality

Bill Reed of Regenesis outlined frameworks of regeneration and what he has learned working with hospitality businesses, including Regenerative Resort Playa Viva, to identify how they can reflect the uniqueness of their place and operate in a way that generates value for their communities

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