Revitalise Hair Strands From Within

BiO-LiFE® reVitiz is 4-in-1 special formula, providing essential nutrients for healthy hair growth, hair strengthening from within & essential scalp care to manage issues due to over-styling hair, poor nutrition & aging

It has long been established that hair is our crowning glory, regardless if you’re a woman or a man. A treasured ‘crown’, our hair exhibits our femininity or masculinity, personality & foremost, our health. Maintaining our hair in pristine condition takes effort, whether you are following trendy hairstyles of celebrities, fashionistas or simply trying to retain your shiny, thick mane

Short, mid length or long, our quest for great looking hairstyles has led to frequent chemical-based perming, hair straightening, hair dyes & extensive use of hair products for in-vogue styles. Unfortunately, over a long period of time, these chemical processes can weaken hair follicles until they become dry, brittle & fragile. Ultimately, our hair will be lackluster & unhealthy!

Certainly, when tresses suddenly become unhealthy & malnourished, it’s a concern for many! What nutrients can women & men take to strengthen hair from within for healthy hair growth?

Take Haircare Management Seriously

With over 30 years of experience, Haircare Advisor Rozzana Chung Abdullah has seen several thousand scalps & helped women & men overcome their hair challenges & guided them towards having nourished & healthy hair

“If you find your hair starting to show lackluster, it is likely not as nourished as it should be. It’s time to take action & ensure you give it the right nutrients to allow for a healthier hair growth. Identify & avoid poor haircare practices & start adopting the right measures to best care for your hair,” said Rozzana

According to Rozzana, hair is made up of a protein called keratin that is produced in hair follicles in the outer layer of skin.[1] Hair follicles require nutrients such as proteins, vitamins & minerals to build healthy hair shafts to produce healthy hair.[2],[3]

Reasons for Malnourished Hair

Min Lee, Consultant at BiO-LiFE® Marketing Sdn. Bhd, shared, “When you don’t get enough proteins, minerals, essential fatty acids & vitamins (namely vitamin B-complex) in your diet, this can lead to structural defects in hair [4]

“Those observing strict diets over a period must also ensure they pay attention to the health of their hair. A poor protein diet within two or three months can adversely affect the quality of your hair. While on your diet, be sure to nourish your hair with the right nutrients. Also, do remember that as we age, we also need to ensure our hair receives the right nutrients as we may have poor nutrition as a result of poor absorption rate with increasing age[2]

“Equal attention must be given if we discover that our hair is brittle, dry, dull & shows sign of premature greying. These are also indicative of nutritional deficiency & must be addressed from within by supplementing our diet with the right nutrients,” she added

Haircare Tips for Younger Women

“These days it’s especially important that we educate consumers on the right haircare management. Aside from modern day stressors that affect our hair, many women especially younger ones are opting for various kinds of hair treatments involving over-styling, colouring & bleaching of hair. This can be detrimental to the health of our hair. We are literally stripping our hair of nutrients when we undergo these intense treatments. So, all the more, taking the right hair nutrients is essential

“It’s important to also remember that a healthy head of hair has a positive psychological effect on us, particularly among women. We feel good when our hair is looking its best & it adds to an overall positive image. So, let’s start properly caring for our hair & nourishing it,” opined Rozzana

Sharing her personal experience, Shivani Balraj, Digital Content Creator, YouTuber & Editor of Pen My Blog, ShivB said, “When I was in my late teens, I experienced problems with my poor haircare management. It started when I coloured my hair for the first time. My hair became problematic & malnourished. It breaks easily too as the hair is fragile & weak. It definitely wasn’t easy then to cope with it. I was quite worried during that time. I took every effort to ‘nurse’ it back to health. Since then, I always try to care for my strands the best way I can, whether it is investing in hair vitamins, good haircare products or even following simple haircare tips like air-drying my hair after a shower or being gentle when I style it. Plus, today’s session has kept me well informed on the effects of stress, over-styling, colouring & bleaching my hair. I will certainly put to practice what I have learnt to ensure my hair is strengthened from within, nourished & revitalized.”

Meanwhile, Nadia Johari, a mother of 2, who dons a hijab shared that she has challenges managing her hair. “After a day of wearing the hijab especially in Malaysian weather, I perspire a lot & my scalp is usually itchy. I notice my haircare regime became more challenging especially after I got married. I have tried various methods to no avail & I hope to now be able to effectively address my haircare & scalp care management more effectively. I know now that the secret lies in feeding my hair & scalp with the right nutrients,” said Nadia

Revitalize Hair Strand From Within

Aiding in hair revitalisation, hair strengthening & scalp care, BiO-LiFE® reVitiz, a health supplement, is a 4-in-1 formulation comprising essential nutrients that offers in the market. It comes with 1 of the highest sulphurated amino acid with L-Cysteine Hydrochloride, the building block for hair keratin to build strong healthy hair. Vitamin B Complex (B3, B5, B6 & B7) & Vitamin C in BiO-LiFE® reVitiz nourishes the scalp to strengthen hair strands. Iron deficiency, often cited as 1 of the key reasons for malnourished hair is minimised with a Minerals Combo of iron, zinc & copper helps to improve hair nutrition & revitalise hair. The Horsetail Extract herb provides natural silica (naturally found in hair & is the 3rd most abundant trace element in the body[1]) to give hair its pretty shine!

Safe to consume, halal-certified BiO-LiFE® reVitiz comes to you in convenient once-a-day capsules & contains no added sugars, yeast, milk derivatives, gluten, preservatives & artificial flavours

Mr. Balaji Rajagopal, General Manager Malaysia & Singapore of BiO-LiFE® Marketing Sdn. Bhd. said, “Having poor & malnourished hair at any age is disheartening. However, with the right haircare management regime & nourishment, both men & women can confidently address their hair concerns. BiO-LiFE® reVitiz works to nourish hair from within with the right nutrients so our hair grows healthily & is also strengthened. We look to bringing more products of value to our consumers through constant improvement & innovation.”

BiO-LiFE® reVitiz is available at all leading pharmacies nationwide including Aeon Wellness, Caring, Guardian, Watsons & other local pharmacies. BiO-LiFE reVitiz retails at RM 64.90 per pack of 30 capsules

Please visit for more information on BiO-LiFE® reVitiz (MAL 18096014NCR)

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