SaferOptics Protecting The Kids’ Eyes

Against the blue light exposure from the digital devices

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Your truly being an official guardian to her going to 3 years old little niece always care & learning more about the kids’ health & wellness

Recently she came across to SaferOptics ~ It produces high quality & comfortable blue light blocking lenses for kids. It’s a family owned optical lens manufacturing laboratory in Penang, West Malaysia & operates for more than 30 years. Read more via

She was exploring its online website & interested to get her little niece a pair of Safer Optics anti blue light glasses to protecting her little niece’s eyes from prolonged exposure to glare from digital screens e.g. television, computer, tablets, mobile phones, other digital devices etc.

Yes, her little niece loves to watch the kids’ channels eg. CBeebies, BabyBus etc. every day on the digital devices

You will be surprised that young kids nowsadays already very technology savvy at young age. However, blue light from the devices are harmful to eyes

SaferOptics Eyewear frames are,

  • Super soft silicone plastic
  • Light weight
  • Super flexible & fit comfortably
  • Withstands pulling, tugging, rough-tumble play
  • Available in many bright colours
  • Available in frame shapes of round, square, rectangle/ oval
  • Sizes suitable for kids aged between 3 to 12 years old

Benefits of SaferOptics Lenses,

  • To protect the eyes from digital eye strain caused by prolonged use of electronic devices
  • Non-prescription (non-powered) & safe for all kids
  • Latest Generation of UV+420 HELV Anti-High Energy Blue Light Coating ~ Your truly choice for her little niece
  • Powered lenses are available if you have an Optometrist’s or Eye Doctor’s prescription
  • Although eyeglasses are made of plastic & are generally safe to be used @ home

Note: The glasses are not unbreakable. Not categorized as safety/ protective goggles, so not to wear for sports/ outdoor activities

Yes, your truly has opted for the SaferOptics UV 420 HELV Blue Coat lens which aims to filter the high energy blue light up to 420nm wavelength. It’s reasonable price with an additional of RM30. Altenatively, you may remain with its Basic Blue Coat lens ie. each pair RM68

The purple areas on the test card meaning without blue light protection

How To Order Online?

  1. To explore the online website & choose the preferred frames style & colour

Your truly has opted for oval & cherry pink blossom, a transparent pink frames & pink colour arms

Yes, she chosen it together with her little niece, she is a pink lover

2. To select the lens options,
- Basic Blue Coat: Included with frame price
- 420 Blue Coat (+RM30): An upgrade to the latest generation blue coating, clear lens

Your truly has opted for 420 Blue Coat (+RM30) as shared above

3. To add to Cart & then proceed to View your Cart items

4. At Check Out, complete your contact information & shipping address. Shipping charges will be calculated at the next step

Free shipping within Malaysia for order with total amount above RM100. Worldwide shipping is available with applicable rates

5. To select your payment method, click “Complete Order” & then proceed to make payment

6. An email notification with Order Confirmation will be sent

User experience sharing

As each pair of SaferOptics glasses is made to order, processing time for orders is between 2 to 3 working days. Once the order is shipped out, another email update together with a Tracking Number of the respective courier delivery service will be sent. Then, tracking the order online is available

Yeah!! Her little niece was waiting for the postman to arrive to deliver her 1st glasses to home sweet home. A nicely package to keep the glasses safe arrival. Do check out the happy unboxing clip captured via

Your truly has observed that her little niece is now a happy kid with SaferOptics, it does take time to encourage & remind her to wear as & when she is watching on her digital devices

At the beginning, your truly actually keeps wear her own spectacles (Not from SaferOptics) to inspire her little niece to wear together with her

Her little niece now starting to voluntarily wear her glasses on whenever she is on her digital devices, your truly trusts that she is now getting use to & more comfy with her glasses on. It’s a journey to patiently accompany the kids to wear their glasses to protect their eyes

Personally, your truly highly recommends to add the affordable RM30 for the UV420 HELV Blue Coat lenses

It’s an anti-reflective blue coating, UV & High Energy Visible light (HEVL) protection up to 420 nm wavelength. It’s clear lens with the latest blue blocking lens properties without yellowish colour/tint. 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Read more via

Some tips to care for the glasses,

  • Do not ever lay the glasses lens down
  • Do clean the glasses often to keep it in optimal state for daily wear
  • Do rinse with water before wiping it with the correct & clean cloth
  • Do not use any chemical spray on the glasses
  • Do keep it away from high temperatures to avoid damage to the lens coating
  • Do always store the glasses to its box whenever your kid is not wearing it

So thoughtful that SaferOptics actually included some cute stickers to reward the kids who keep their glasses well in the box after each usage

Yes, your truly also taught her little niece to wipe & then store her glasses. Her little niece remembers & keeps well each time, really proud of her

Not just that, SaferOptics also collaborating with Bare Nuhcessities Baby Care to introduce its biodegradable travel towel/ wipe by sharing 5 samples in the parcel for its customers to try

Let’s go green & as a #ShopeeAmbassador, your truly recommends you all to online shopping for this travel towels for your little ones via its official shop named Bare Nuhcessities in Shopee via 🌐 🧡📲🛒🛍

So, let’s protect your kids’ eyes with a pair of SaferOptics now

Money can’ buy vision & health of your kids ya




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