#SeleraRamadan — Buka the Puasa-bilities with TikTok

Inspired by the famous trend of unique food combinations, TikTok brings you some interesting choices to mix-and-match this Raya season

TikTok, the leading destination for short-form mobile videos, introduced #SeleraRamadan — a food hashtag challenge, part of the recently launched Senyuman Raya campaign to invite Malaysians to share Ramadan recipes & favourites. In line with the festivities & general love Malaysians have for their food, TikTok brings you some unique Raya food combinations you would have never thought of & can’t get enough of, too!

Cara balut ketupat

Craving for Raya food already? Here’s one cool tip to wrap ketupat, making buka puasa prep easy peasy! Time to show your grandma you’ve got some tricks up your own sleeves, with this convenient way to balut a time-honoured treat.

Lontong goreng

Asam laksa goreng blew our minds! Now get a taste of Johor with this fried take on a traditional staple, fit for any occasion to tickle your tastebuds. Bet you’ve never tried Lontong Goreng before!

Air kayangan

1st came Dalgona coffee, now’s here another creative take on our irresistible beans. Take your regular sirap bandung to new heights with some extra coffee to give you a kick & really get you in the festive spirit!

Ferrero Rocher glutinous rice balls

With an added crunch, this decadent new take on the famous (& traditionally chewy) snack will add new textures to your palate & definitely satisfy your sweet tooth!

Orange chicken

Try out this perfectly zesty & refreshing orange chicken recipe! Perfectly paired with just white rice, this sweet & sour flavour profile is sure to keep you wanting more than just a bite!

Peanut curry ramen

Who says kuah kacang can only go with nasi impit? We’ve explored curry ramen, now try adding some peanut butter & you’ll have yourself a Raya-inspired ramen! You’re sure to enjoy this sweet approach to a savoury classic!

Try out these recipe combinations that really brings your #SeleraRamadan to life. Better yet, be a part of the month-long Senyuman Raya campaign to create your own unique food combinations & share your masterpiece with the world! Simply turn on the TikTok app & start exploring with the hashtag #SeleraRamadan

Download or open the TikTok app now to learn more about Senyuman Raya or visit https://activity.tiktok.com/magic/eco/runtime/release/60631b15dc4cc0030f87a4a9?appType=tiktok

TikTok is available for free on iOS & Android via the Apple Store, Google Play Store & Huawei AppGallery

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