Speakers & Exhibitors Announced for the Regenerative Travel
Trade Show & Industry Forum
Showcasing the Future of Travel: 26 - 27 Oct 2021

Regenerative Travel, a benefit corporation, travel planning service and a collection of independent hotels and lodges committed to regenerative hospitality, is happy to announce an esteemed collection of panelists and exhibiting hotels for it’s first Trade show and Industry Forum. Running from the 26 to 27 October 2021 the event is free for agents and media to attend in line with the brand’s ethos of inclusivity, building community and best practice sharing, registrations are welcomed via the brand’s website

On the 26 Oct experienced voices from the industry - including travel designers, journalists, hoteliers, and conservationists - will be sharing and promoting actionable tools for the travel industry to build a resilient and regenerative future. While on the 27th of October Regenerative Travel will play host to some of the industry’s most respected regenerative offerings- including hotels & tour operators- who will present their offerings and showcase how hospitality and tourism can serve as a catalyst for change, generating economic, social, and environmental wealth.

“Our goal through the Trade Show and Forum is to foster a deeper understanding of the underlying principles involved in regenerative tourism and introduce hotels at the leading edge of this movement, assisting agents in creating memorable and impactful travel experiences aligned with their and their client's values. We believe we are on the cusp of a huge shift so we are delighted to be bringing together trailblazing hospitality offerings and aligned agents to help drive this and highlight opportunities to create a more equitable industry moving forward” says Melony van der Merwe, Community Builder at Regenerative Travel,

Please find below an overview of each day’s content and confirmed speakers & exhibitors.

We explore through a global lens of various industry professionals, how the travel landscape has shifted in a Covid conscious world as well as positive ways to navigate this new normal. Moderated by Juliet Kinsman, Sustainability Editor at Conde Nast Traveller

  • Naledi K. Khabo CEO, Africa Tourism Association
  • Jared Meyers Co-Founder at BTOURISM
  • Henley Vazquez Co-Founder at Fora
  • Luca Franco Founder and CEO of Luxury Frontiers

An exploration of how regenerative hotels keep a sustainable, low-impact back of house or supply chain. Moderated by O’Shannon Burns, Ecosystems Steward at Regenerative Travel.

  • Jeffery Smith Vice President of Sustainability at Six Senses
  • Dana Krauskopf Owner at Hamanasi Resort
  • Portia Hart Standard Bearer at Regenerative Travel and Founder of Blue Apple Beach,

A discussion on how hotels and DMCs can assess impact and what metrics should be considered for true regenerative impact. Moderated by Portia Hart Standard Bearer at Regenerative Travel and Founder of Blue Apple Beach,

  • Renee Kimball Owner of Tranquilo Bay
  • Jenny Teasdale, Director of Operations at Green Apple

Exploring regenerative revenue models for a sustained future. In this session, we explore how we can effectively assert value that supports all stakeholders to consumers. Moderated by Mary Holland, a freelance travel journalist.

  • Beks Ndlovu Founder of African Bush Camps
  • Brooke Garnett Founder of MAYAMAYA
  • Byron Thomas Managing Director of Niarra Travel

A discussion on ways of incorporating regenerative travel values and experiences into guest itineraries to shift the paradigm towards travel with transformative and positive impact. Moderated by Jen Murphy, a freelance travel journalist.

  • Gregory Sacks Co-Founder Trufflepig Travel
  • Martin Frankenberg President Brazil Luxury Travel Association
  • Cheraé Robinson Founder & CEO of Tastemakers Africa
  • Bret Melzer Co-Founder & Owner Gangtey Lodge

An overview of regenerative principles and criteria for regeneration starting from sense of place. We explore how to foster purpose-led journalism and telling engaging sustainability-pegged stories which effect positive change. Moderated by Paula Franklin, Branding Consultant and Co-Founder of Travel Is Better in Color

  • María Pellicer Yuste Travel Journalist
  • Jeralyn Gerba Co-Founder of Fathom, Co-Founder of Travel Is Better in Color
  • Tina Aponte Owner of Royal Chundu
  • Paula Pendleton Franklin Co-Founder of Travel Is Better In Color

The regenerative definition of wellness travel that includes as well as goes beyond spa, yoga, and traditional associations with wellness, and invites an expanded understanding of travel that serves one’s wellbeing. Moderated by Erica Hartnick Co Founder + Creative Director of YOGA TRADE.

  • Chip Conley Founder of Modern Elder Academy
  • Adi Shakti Founder of SoulWork
  • Andrew Sealy Founder at Andrew7Sealy
  • Michelle Fliegauf Founder of International Yoga

Alongside the forum is a trade show, which aims to move the entire travel industry along the path of regeneration, envisioned as a platform for regenerative hotels and destination management companies to showcase their offerings as well as connect with values-aligned and conscious travel agents. Each exhibitor that is not currently a Regenerative Resort’s member has been vetted in line with the brands member assessment criteria to ensure they represent Regenerative Travel’s ethos of championing independent offerings dedicated to the highest standards of environmental and social impact.

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