Stephen Satterfield From Netflix’s ‘High On The Hog’ To Headline Regenerative Travel Summit + New Speakers/Programming Announced

The Regenerative Travel Summit, Sept 20-22: Harnessing Travel to Regenerate Community & Place

Regenerative Travel, a benefit corporation, travel planning service, and an accredited collection of independent hotels and lodges committed to regenerative hospitality, is proud to announce that food writer, producer, and media entrepreneur Stephen Satterfield – host of the acclaimed Netflix docuseries High on the Hog – will be headlining the Regenerative Travel Summit 2021

From 20 to 22 Sept, The Regenerative Travel Summit 2021 will bring together diverse perspectives in regeneration—from established thought leaders to emerging innovators—to discuss how the travel industry can be designed to thrive and serve as a catalyst for change, generating economic, social, and environmental wealth. The summit invites changemakers from the travel industry and beyond to develop their regenerative mindset, learn about practical solutions for the industry’s greatest challenges, and tools to unite travel with conscious consumers’ desire to do good

Stephen Satterfield On Honoring Food Origins and Culture

Satterfield, one of the most prominent and respected voices in U.S. food media, and host of the critically acclaimed Netflix docuseries High on the Hog, has spent his career redefining food and beverage as means of organizing, activating and educating. He is the founder of Whetstone, a groundbreaking magazine and media company dedicated to food origins and culture from around the world. Slated on Day 2 of the summit, Satterfield’s talk, “Honoring Food Origins and Culture,” delves into his work in food anthropology and how food can be considered a means of connecting to the human experience and better understanding the world.

New Speakers And Full Programming

The 3-day summit will feature topics on transforming travel to regenerate community and place, designing spaces that harness the principles of regeneration, embracing interconnection through travel to identify purpose and developing indigenous-owned experiences. With a focus on practical solutions and tools to move the industry forward, changemakers will leave empowered to embrace regenerative principles via engaging educational experiences. See the full list of sessions and speaker lineup below:

Day 1 (September 20th): Whole Systems Thinking

Tourism’s Role in Regenerating Nature

Hear 3 different perspectives on how travel and tourism are linked to life on Earth, and learn about the programs they’ve developed to prioritize the health of communities and nature.

Travel and Social Movements

Travel can expand our worldview, ignite change, and transform in powerful ways. Hear from innovators using travel to build community, elevate critical perspectives, and redistribute power.

Integrating Regeneration and Hospitality

Bill Reed of Regenesis will outline frameworks of regeneration and what he has learned working with hospitality businesses, including Regenerative Resort Playa Viva, to identify how they can reflect the uniqueness of their place and operate in a way that generates value for their communities.

Day 2 (September 21st): Honoring Sense of Place

Designing Spaces that Regenerate

Join a special conversation between designers Prashant Ashoka and Julia Watson, on their work designing spaces that are in harmony with nature and informed by indigenous perspectives and local characteristics.

Developing Indigenous-Owned Experiences

Sustainable tourism consultant Anna Barrerra and tour operations manager Alicia Hegland-Thorpe will share what they’ve learned as they have worked together to protect and preserve the culture of Tribal Nations in North Dakota and create economic opportunity for native people through tourism.

Honoring Food Origins and Culture

Stephen Satterfield, host of the critically-acclaimed Netflix docuseries High on the Hog, will share his work to better understand humans and the world through food. Through both his Netflix series and his media company Whetstone, Stephen has traveled the world highlighting food origins and culture, and has worked to redefine food as a means of organizing, activating, and educating.

Day 3 (September 22nd): Continual Coevolution

Evolving Destinations toward Regenerative Futures

Destinations are the heart and soul of the travel and tourism sector—the industry is connected to and dependent upon place. Together with Jeremy Jauncey of Beautiful Destinations, Kristin Dunne of Miles Partnership and Dr. Api Movono of Massey University will examine how communities can co-create frameworks to shift destinations to more regenerative models. This session will be moderated by Holly Tuppen, author and manager of communications for The Long Run.

Uniting Farmers and Hospitality for Regeneration

Together with Zero Foodprint Co-founder Anthony Myint, Patty Baird of The Cedar House Sport Hotel talks about how innovators in hospitality are collaborating with farmers and chefs to develop models that support small independent farms and generate tangible climate benefits.

Regenerative from the Start

Hear hoteliers David Leventhal of Playa Viva and Zita Cobb of Fogo Island Inn in conversation as they discuss how they’ve tried to build regenerative principles into their businesses and what they’ve learned.

Welcome remarks for each day will be given by Amanda Ho, co-founder of Regenerative Travel co-founder, Portia Hart, founder of Blue Apple Beach, and Anna Pollock, founder of Conscious Travel