Thai Airways with Its Rehabilitation Plan under the Bankruptcy Court Approved by Thai Government

Due to COVID19 pandemic outbreaks, many airlines across the globe are experiencing the bulk of flight capacity as a result of the respective government directives & cross border restrictions, hence the huge losses gained from the bulk flight capacities

Thai Airways already experiencing break even troubles even before the pandemic outbreak, all because of the stiff competition from the budget airlines & bloated costing. It was reported with its losses annually since 2013, except for 2016. In year 2019, it has reported total losses of US$377.3 mil

There are a lots of rumuours about Thai Airways going to file for bankruptcy recently

No, not Bankruptcy!

The Thai Government has just announced that Thai Airways will be undergoing its rehabilitation processes under the Bankruptcy Court as approved

Your truly had a chance to enjoy Thai Airways flight for the 1st time last year from Kuala Lumpur to ChiangMai, it was a pleasant comfy journey. It’s really sad to hear this piece of sad news across the main stream medias about Thai Airways. Sigh…

Do enjoy the vlog captured from her 1st Thai Airways flight journey

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This 1st Thai Airways flight journey will forever be pleasant memorable & more will be in the future too

“The government has reviewed all dimensions … we have decided to petition for restructuring and not let Thai Airways go bankrupt. The airline will continue to operate,” Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha said during a news conference as extracted from

So happy that Thai Airways will continue its business operation. It will resume full operations once the Covid-19 situation subsides.
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Yeah!! Many more travelling to different parts of Thailand with Thai Airways in the future :D