The OPPO Enco Music Concert is Giving Away Exclusive, Awesome Promo Codes for the OPPO Enco X, Enco Buds & Enco W11

· Enjoy special concert-day promos on the OPPO Enco X, Enco Buds & Enco W11 exclusively on Shopee

· RM200 promo code vouchers for the OPPO Enco X are up for grabs, personally revealed by Khai Bahar at the Enco Music Festival

· Iman Troye & Syamel will be revealing promo code vouchers as well; purchase a pair of the OPPO Enco Buds or OPPO Enco W11 & get the 2nd pair at just RM1!

· In the runup to the Enco Music Concert, grab the OPPO Band, Enco Buds & Enco W11 at promo prices exclusively on Shopee!

The OPPO Enco Music Concert, a collaborative effort between OPPO & Shopee, is just around the corner with big-time local artists Khai Bahar, Iman Troye & Syamel ready to re-invigorate Malaysians for the weekend. But other than the compelling performances, there will be plenty more to celebrate during the weekend

On the day of the concert (26 June 2021), the OPPO Enco X, Enco Buds & Enco W11 will be available for purchase at promo prices of RM599, RM99, and RM79 respectively, exclusively on Shopee. Moreover, during the Enco Music Concert, the 3 artists will personally reveal awesome promo code vouchers to attendees, so that they will be able to enjoy music a little more!

For starters, Khai Bahar will be revealing a RM200 discount voucher for the OPPO Enco X during the concert, which will be up for grabs for the 1st 50 people. With the flash sale & the RM200 discount, this effectively brings OPPO’s flagship TWS earbuds to just RM399!

Next up, Iman Troye and Syamel will be revealing their own promo codes to the audience as well, which can be redeemed by the quickest 50 concert attendees respectively

Using the codes, recipients can purchase the OPPO Enco Buds and OPPO Enco W11 & get a 2nd unit at just RM1!

In the runup to the Enco Music Concert, OPPO is celebrating yet another round of promos as well, featuring the OPPO Band, OPPO Enco Buds & OPPO Enco W11

From now till the 25 June 2021, get your hands on the promos listed below, exclusively on Shopee!

The Enco Music Concert will be aired live via OPPO’s official YouTube & FB pages & via Shopee’s app and official FB page

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