The VIP Pass

A hotel deal you don’t wanna miss

Your truly has recently read about The VIP Pass which is offering 7d6N hotel stays in Malaysia & Singapore

In this truly not to be missed premium membership offered by The VIP Pass Pte Ltd, all are given as a sign up bonus FREE 6N hotel stays

You can choose from 137+ hotels in Malaysia & 73+ hotels in Singapore

Among the hotels informed by The VIP Pass are Sunway Hotels, Impiana Hotel, Hilton, Westin, Dorsett, Alia, Berjaya Times Square, Pacific Regency, Ibis, Concorde, Fraser Residence, Ascott, Bayview, Travelodge, Genting, Swiss Garden Hotel & many more

VIP Pass Sales Director, Nicholas How said, “The VIP Pass pricing is very worthwhile & economical as customers have the opportunity to enjoy a holiday in a proper hotel. The VIP Pass is being sold at RM600 but for the current promo price, we have reduced it to RM399. That is the price of being a VIP Pass member”

Nicholas How also added, “As the sign up benefit of being a VIP Pass member, we will be offering 6N hotel stays for free to all our members who signed up. That is a great benefit for staycation or family holidays as it now makes 6N hotel stay affordable to the point it is nearly a budget hotel price”

Yes, the 6 nights of hotel stay purchased with this VIP Pass can be used separately, meaning every night can choose different hotels

And you don’t have to stay 6N concurrently. You can stay 1N this month, another 1N next month, another 1N next year, another 3N next next year

Because the VIP Pass is valid for 24 months

Your truly got to know the reason for offering such long duration is because VIP Pass wants to ensure that everyone would have the same chance to benefit from the sign up bonus


Also understand that the rooms being offered at VIP Pass with rooms ranging from the 3 star hotels all the way up to the 5 star hotels

So if calculated, at RM66 per night, even if they offer just a 3 star hotel, it also worth it to get the VIP Pass

The VIP Pass offers a money back guarantee to customers who do not have the opportunity to use the promotion for 2 years

“If they do not use it within 2 years, we guarantee their money will be returned in full. It can be said that there is no risk to our customers” Nicholas emphasised

The VIP Pass premium membership is being sold now at RM600. But with this link , you get to enjoy VIP Pass Premium membership for only RM399

Overall, if you are the type of person that likes a staycation, or if you have a family with 2 kids, the VIP Pass would offer you a good deal as it allows you to customize your hotel stay depending on your schedule. Do note that there is a 14 day booking in advance so take out your calendar & start booking now!

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