vivo Ranked the Top 5 Global Smartphone in 2020

According to the latest annual data from IDC[1], vivo ranked 5th in the global smartphone market in 2020 with a market share of 8.6% & shipments exceeding 110million devices

With a year-over-year growth rate of over 1%, vivo was 1 of the top 5 smartphone brands to maintain an increase in shipments despite the overall downturn

[1] Data source: IDC, January 2021

While the full year 2020 has declined 5.9% compared to 2019, IDC shared that the progress toward market recovery has been impressive & they believe that the momentum heading into 2021 will remain strong

“2020 is a year of turbulent changes in the mobile phone market. This result is not just a day and night effort, but a perseverance day after day. Our persistency in has led us to where we are today, relatively steady growth in 2020, ” said Spark Ni, the Senior Vice President and CMO of vivo

With constant consumer insight-driven R&D and innovation efforts, vivo has developed generations of mobile products favoured & trusted by consumers. Being the 5th biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, vivo has been working on its strategy to accelerate its innovations across smart devices and applications for the 5G era. vivo has set-up 5 production hubs across the world, with an annual production capacity of nearly 200 million smartphones, to ensure its capability to produce enough stocks depending on its needs without compromising quality

Besides, vivo has envisioned the transformational effect of 5G & devoted all efforts to developing critical 5G enablers. Since the launch of its 1st 5G smartphone, vivo has successful launched more than 20 models of 5G smartphone, price ranges from 1K RMB to 6K Chinese Yuan to meet different market needs

Following the recent announcement of vivo and ZEISS Global Imaging Partnership, vivo has launched the latest X60 Series in China which features the second-generation micro-gimbal stabilization backed by ZEISS optics, Samsung Exynos 1080 chipset, latest OriginOS operation system, and a stunning dual-tone gradient design.

vivo currently holds second position in the Chinese smartphone market[1] & its business has expanded to more than 40 countries & regions around the world. It also holds the top 3 smartphone vendors position in India[2], Indonesia[3], Thailand & other countries

Last year Oct, vivo marked the official entry into 6 countries ie. France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain & the United Kingdom at the online media event. During the event, vivo also announced its partnership with UEFA, for the upcoming, as well as the 2024 UEFA European Football Championship

“Bringing together over 10.5K people, the centres specialize in R&D of every facet of our smartphones & companion devices, from product design, software, camera features, mobile network connectivity including advanced 5G communications & patents, up to artificial intelligence features, making the overall user experience an outstanding one,” said Denny Deng, Vice President, President of European Business at vivo

Shi Yujian, Senior Vice-President at vivo, said they have summed up a set of “more local, more global” experience through years of overseas experience, which serves as their strategic guide for expanding the global market. Also, vivo has 9 global R&D centers that continuously output outstanding talents and innovations in many cutting-edge consumer electronics fields such as imaging, AI, industrial design & 5G communications. “In this process, we have always insisted on doing the right things & striving to do things right.,” added by Mr Shi Yujian

The epidemic is also an opportunity for vivo to summarize and think. Whether it is the corporate spirit, brand positioning, or technical direction, vivo has been updated. 2020 is a year for vivo to “keep the clouds and see the moonlight”. vivo has puts forward the brand spirit of “Simplicity and Joy”, which strengthens the design, imaging, performance, and system including the brand positioning of “Humanistic Joy” in its X series.

vivo currently has four long tracks in design, imaging, performance, and system. The strategy of continuous investment in “Four Long Tracks” has created a series of bright products. vivo founder Shen Wei’s attitude towards the inside “Bury your head in the cause & the result will come naturally.” vivo needs to stick to its duty, deeply cultivate user needs & work hard from four long tracks, delivering user-centric products for users

[1] Data source:IDC, November 2020

[2] Data source: Canalys, October 2020

[3] Data source:Counterpoint, August 2020

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