Wonderful Sail To Abang Island 2019

Batam Bahari Festival 1 to 4 Nov 2019 @ Batam Island, Indonesia

Yeah!! For the 1st time, the only Batam marine conservation area ~ Abang Island will be the landing point for a world-class yacht rally with theme ~“Wonderful Sail to Indonesia” as recently announced by the Ministry of Tourism & Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs Indonesia

The “Wonderful Sail To Abang Island” will be participated by 51 yachts from across the globe i.e. Australia, USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Belgium & Italy. All are scheduled to meeting at the Abang Island sea front porch

Yes, all of them will be passing through the waters of Batam Island & then anchoring for 4 days on the Abang Island

~ Batam Bahari Festival 1 to 4 Nov 2019 ~

Wonderful Sail To Indonesia in Batam Island is 1 of the strategy to increasing cross-border tourism

Mr Rahman Usman, the Chairman of the Batam Tourism Promotion Board (BTPB) has shared that this 2019 breakthrough as an encouraging step for the rapid level of tourist arrivals to Batam Island

BTPB also has aimed to introducing Batam marine tourism can be 1 of the travel option to increase travel groups to travel to Batam with the arrival of 45 foreign media & travel agents to witness this amazing festival

According to Mr Ardiwinata, the Head of Batam Island Culture & Tourism Office, the arrival of international yachters, foreign media & foreign travel agents are an encouraging news to promoting for Batam Island tourism. Surely this will be raising the name of Batam Island as 1 of the world’s marine tourism destinations & greater to achieving the 2019 target of having foreign tourists in Batam Island of 2.4 million

Since July 2019 Wonderful Sail To Indonesia has started & passed through various Indonesian maritime islands i.e. the Banda Island, Buru Island, Buton, Wakatobi, Pasar Wajo, Baubau, Selayar, Labuan Bajo, Sumbawa, Lombok, Bali, Bawean, Kumai, Belitung , Bangka, Lingga & then will be arriving at the best maritime location in Abang Island of Batam before the end of this wonderful sail in Tanjung Pinang & Lagoi

This Batam Bahari Festival 2019 by the Batam Island Culture & Tourism Office together with the BTPB will definitely welcoming all the world class sailors who love maritime

This surely an opportunity for Batam Island to introducing & showcasing its cultural authenticity & the local wisdom to these foreign tourists

A moment of Batam Island to show through the sea!

Also a history is in the making soon with Abang Island to be carved a history for Riau Islands in 2019

Reason being for the 1st time, the only Batam marine conservation area ~ Abang Island will be the landing point for Wonderful Sail to Indonesia 2019

In the past, after visiting Lingga, the yachters usually continue to move towards Tanjung Pinang & then ended at Bintan Island, the 3 of the 20 mandatory anchorage points for Wonderful Sail To Indonesia. And the Abang Island only as a spare & only got to wave hands despite the fact that it’s also a sailing sailing for the yachters

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