Worry free online shopping with Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1) by Kaijoo Sdn Bhd — Part 1

To avoid buying from fake online sellers

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Since MCO & CMCO days in Malaysia last year, many of us have started to online shopping for almost everything to stay safe from COVID19

Guess what?

COVID19 related scams actually made up 1 in 4 e-commerce scams, including the face mask scams

Source: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2020/04/04/556-cases-of-face-mask-scams-so-far-rm42mil-lost
Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/courts-crime/scam-victims-lost-413-million-in-first-quarter-of-2020-e-commerce-and-loan

So, how do we know which online sellers can be trusted?

Do you often check on the customer reviews of the online sellers 1st before you make purchases from them?

Hmm…Is it enough to avoid being scammed by fake online sellers by just reading the reviews before confirm order?

Source: Kaijoo Sdn Bhd FB page @ kaijoo2020

Who is Kaijoo Sdn Bhd (Kaijoo)?

It’s important to have an authentic review & validation of the online sellers by an independent auditor to validate online sellers’ identity, company & business, as well as the products, services & customers’ experiences

Then, it warrants online shoppers for a worry free online shopping to avoid buying from any fake online sellers in any e-commerce platforms

Your truly has recently got introduced to Kaijoo, an independent audit platform that provides authentic user reviews & audits to ensure the genuinity of online sellers that are selling products & services in various e-commerce platforms

There are 3 types of audit services & this sharing particularly about the Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic) by Kaijoo

Yes, Kaijoo ensures the trust on both online shoppers & online sellers in the online buying & selling ecosystem of today’s evergrowing e-commerce

Source: Kaijoo Sdn Bhd
Source: Kaijoo Sdn Bhd — Verified Kaijoo™ icon for Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1)

With Kaijoo, all online shoppers are highly encouraged to check & confirm 1st that they are buying from the genuine online sellers to avoid being scammed in today’s evergrowing e-commerce platforms

Let’s be a wise online shopper, stay safe & check 1st on the online seller before you confirm & check out your cart

Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1 - Basic)

Kaijoo team is built from a blend of young, hungry & experienced talents who are from diverse backgrounds of e-commerce, fraud detection, finance & technology

Kaijoo team will verify each online seller’s genuinity by running the background checks on the personal, company & business information eg. Company registration, business owner’s personal data, product/ service coresponding Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) verifications with the relevant authorities & regulatory bodies

Kaijoo team is collecting & consolidating data from all available sources to verify the genuinity of the online sellers

Source: Kaijoo Sdn Bhd

Each online seller which verified by Kaijoo will then receive an official Verified by Kaijoo™ icon & a digital certificate from Kaijoo as a Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic)

Currently, Kaijoo is in a collaboration with Youbeli.com. There are 50 Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic) on Kaijoo website

Your truly is sharing here with some brief information on the list of 10 Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic) — Part 1, you may check out each & enjoy safe online shopping with them on Youbeli.com

Do stay tuned for her next sharing on the other 40 Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic) progressively in Part 2, 3, 4 & 5 (Updated @ 17 May 2021, 11.32pm — To be confirmed whether your truly will continue to write for the remaining parts)

Source: https://kaijoo.co/sellers/list (Page 1)

Listed on Page 1 of Only Kaijoo Certified Sellers (Level 1-Basic)

Athyab Arabic Perfume (Category: Health & Beauty)

It’s established since 2012 in selling online the original Arabic perfume

Their products include the perfume for men, women, unisex, mini perfume, air refresher etc.

Some of the brands it carries are Athyab, ARD AL ZAAFARAN, Asdaf, Lattafa & SUROORI

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/athyabarabicperfume

Beauty Online 肌齡喜源 (Category: Health & Beauty)

It’s under Premier Living (Enterprises) Co. Ltd., a Hong Kong based Company & dedicated in selling online the skincare products from Switzerland, France & United States at a reasonable & affordable price with Youbeli (Joined September 2019), Lazada, PrestoMall & Shopee in Malaysia. It also selling online on various platforms around the globe

Some of the brands it carries are B’lifey, Cellmésotec, Costec Suisse, D Lab, Derma Médream, Dr. MedTec, ELEMONT, La Vibébe, Mila Ella, Professionnel’s, Swiss Advice & Swissdé

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/beautyonline

Sweet Home Planet (Category: Home & Lifestyle)

It’s established since 2005 in selling online a wide varieties of kitchenwares, storage & organiser, DIY goods, solar products, accessories for female,male & kids, cosmetics, slimming shapers, toys & many more

It strives to be 1 of the low price online store & top dropship platform in Malaysia by providing all dropshippers with the best deals for all ages & genders from home & body accessories to electronics & toys

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/sweethomeplanet

Latisha Lips Cream (Category: Health & Beauty)

It’s a Malaysian distributor for Latisha Dark Lips Lightening Cream, also known as LAETITIA cream. Available to shipping worldwide with relevant shipping fees as listed in its store with Youbeli.com (Joined since December 2018)

Solely selling online this brightening lips cream to provide a healthy pinkish or reddish tone lips for both men & women aged 18 years old & above

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/latishalipscream

Ecomins (Category: Health & Beauty)

It has been founded & established since 2018 in selling online a range of comprehensive health products based on modern scientific evidence

Some of its products selling on Youbeli.com (Joined since April 2020) are Ecomins ASODI SOD Antioxidant Immune Booster & Ecomins Neeflex Joint Repair

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/ecomins

Happy Star (Category: Babies & Toy)

It’s selling online the daily necessaries & lifestyle items for mum, new born, baby, kids, toys, diapers, potties etc. with Youbeli.com (Joined since June 2020)

Some of the brands it carries are Genki, Whopee etc.

Featured products in Youbeli: Whoopee Tape & Whoopee Pants

For more information about the 5 Only Kaijoo Certified Sellers (Level 1 Seller Trust — Basic) listed above via website: https://kaijoo.co/sellers/list

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/happystar

Qadhijah Natural Farm (Category: Home & Lifestyle)

It’s founded by a Persons With Disabilities aka Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) gardener with 11 years of experience in organic vegetables farming in Malaysia

Now venturing in selling online the organic seeds, pesticides, planting media & fertilizers from its own farm

All its customers will be invited to join its private FB group to guide through from seeds to harvest with aim ~ Happy gardening with love & be environment friendly ~

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/qadhijahnaturalfarm

Coneli (Category: Sports & Outdoors)

It’s incorporated in Malaysia since 1963 & with technological innovation & engineering to selling online the sports apparel, footwear & accessories

One of its patented TX Cool technology which created using fabrics that are designed with aim to maximise the comfort wearing of all sport athletes

Top selling in Youbeli: Runati Ankle Guard compression, Coneli Badminton Sports Shoes & Coneli Fashion Futsal Takraw Ping Pong Shoes

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/conelios

Pihapi (Category: Groceries & Pets)

It’s a Malaysian brand for gourmet snacks & all its snacks are proudly made in Malaysia, also aims to have its snacks will be able to travel the world in the future

The name of “PIHAPI” actually derived from “BE HAPPY” to align with its objective to make all its customers to be happy always

Its products include Salted Egg Fish Skin, Salted Egg Spicy Fish Skin & Sichuan Mala Hot & Spicy Fish Skin

Ohh ya…Your truly has tried their Salted Egg Fish Skin & it’s now a superb fan for it because it’s healthy as with zero trans fats & produced with real salted egg yolk. It’s addictive to enjoy ya :P

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/pihapi

Zhang Hoong Auto Parts (Category: Automotive & Motorbike)

It’s established since 2008 in selling online the wholesale & retail in dealing of motor auto parts, air conditioning, kitchenwares, home appliances & accessories

Some of the brands it carries are Khind, Zebra Thailand , Eagle Stainless Steel, Cam Brand, Century, Elianware etc.

Source: https://www.youbeli.com/zhanghoongautoparts

For more information about the 10 Only Kaijoo Certified Sellers (Level 1 Seller Trust — Basic) listed above via website: https://kaijoo.co/sellers/list

Do stay tuned for the other 40 Only Kaijoo Certified Sellers (Level 1 Seller Trust — Basic) progressively in next Part 2, 3, 4 & 5 (Updated @ 17 May 2021, 11.32pm — To be confirmed whether your truly will continue to write for the remaining parts)

Let’ enjoy worry free online shopping with the Kaijoo Certified Sellers from now onwards

Source: Kaijoo Sdn Bhd, https://www.facebook.com/kaijoo2020/
Source: Kaijoo Sdn Bhd — Verified Kaijoo™ icon for Seller Trust Certified Sellers (Level 1)

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